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Written Sep 30, 2008


She was discharged Monday afternoon. We have had a busy past couple of days and not to much happened over the weekend.
Here is the recap of Hannah's past few days!

Hannah's ANC was 3,782! She had her morning respiratory treatment and off to Carti for her 10 radiation treatment. Jon stayed the night at the hospital with Hannah and Jackson and I went to the apartment. It was the first time I have ever been away from Hannah. It was hard but greatly needed, the sleep that is.
Jon and Hannah had a rough night. She gets really thick mucus at night that chokes her. She does not understand when you tell her to cough so we have to suction it out. Hannah does not like to be suctioned but after it is done she can breath so much better.

Hannah's ANC was 2,050. She had two breathing treatments, on in the morning and one at bed time. Jon and Jackson stayed at the apartment. Hannah and I had a long night with the mucus.

Hannah's ANC was 3,644! Hannah and her breathing treatment in the morning and we received the news that she should get out of the hospital on Monday!

This was a super busy day. The day you get to leave the hospital is always a busy day. Hannah's ANC was down to 2,007. Her blood count was down too. After Hannah's radiation treatment she had to get a unit of blood before she could be discharged. Hannah will also be receiving TPN and lipids at home through home health.
We finally were able to leave the hospital around 6pm and off to the apartment we went.
Hannah was excited. She was laughing and smiling the whole time in the car. I think she loves being out of the hospital as much as we all do. It is amazing how much she knows and understands for a 15 month old.
Our night at the apartment went well we all received a good nights rest.

Today. Tuesday,
We had to give Hannah her breathing treatment before Carti. Jon did a great job at that. We all loaded up in the car and off to Carti we went. Hannah had her radiation treatment then back at the apartment for a nap. Then at 1:00 we had to go back to the hospital for Hannah's outpatient Physical and Occupational therapy. We made it back to the apartment and now everyone else is taking a nap.

Hannah is doing really good.
Only 9 more radiation treatments!
Hannah has been getting burns on her back from the radiation. (She is getting radiation from her T10 vertebra to her L3, which is the majority of her back) It was a little pink after the first week of treatments and it has only gotten worse. It now looks worse than a sunburn and she is getting blisters and they are popping. We are putting special gel on it but is still is uncomfortable for her.

Please pray her burns will go away and that Hannah continues to stay strong and well.
Keep the Faith.
Our God is a good God and we are seeing Miracles happening every single day!

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