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Written Oct 28, 2008 

Hannah had a pretty good night last night. We thought she was going to spike a fever. We checked her temperature and it was 100.4 then 15 minutes later it went down on its own! I was happy she tolerated everything so well.

This morning Hannah's electrolytes were way off. Her potassium was down to 1.8, which is very very low. She had to receive a potassium bolus and transfusion today which helped out a lot!
Most of today Hannah napped. The chemotherapy really makes her tired. However, Jenny from physical therapy did come by and she worked out with Hannah. Hannah received a walker today. She was very curious and wanted to know what it did. She was not that happy about having to walk since she was so sleepy but with a little help she did it! I was so proud. Hannah's right leg just needs to wake up and then she will be ready to go!

Besides being sleepy today Hannah has been a little more nauseated then normal. If a little nausea and sleepiness is the side effects we can take it. The nurses are giving her extra medicine for her nausea which is helping too.

It is around 11 pm and Hannah has a temperature of 100.8, the nurse had to draw blood cultures and we are having to check her temperature every 30 minutes. Hannah can't have Tylenol until 4 am because of the chemotherapy she has received this evening.

UPDATE: Hannah ran a temperature most of the night. Here fever went up and down, around 3 am it spiked up to 102.0! She has slept well most of the night. This morning her fever is gone. I am wondering if the fever is just her body reacting to the chemotherapy since it only happens during the evening? She is still asleep and doing well this morning!

Please pray with me and believe that God will take Hannah's fever away and no infection will show up in the cultures. Also, continue to pray for the results of Hannah's MRI tomorrow let her body (brain & spine) be free of any tumor or cancerous cells.

We did get a roommate today. A cute little 11 month old boy that was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago. He is super cute and his mom is a good women. I think we both have enjoyed each others company.


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