Friday, October 18, 2013


Written Sep 25, 2008

Today is Hannah's 14th day in the hospital.

With Hannah's first 35 days in the hospital and our 2 1/2 days at the apartment and now this hospital stay of 14 days. Hannah has been in the hospital for 49 days and we have been in Little Rock for 51 days and still counting.

Hannah only has 12 more radiation treatments.

The doctor told us today that Hannah may be discharged from the hospital on Monday. Her lab values are increasing every day. The doctor said he could not ask for anything better. Hannah's ANC was 3,311 yesterday and today her ANC is 3,835! She is definitely NOT neutropenic.
Hannah has been on a total of four different antibiotics during this hospital stay and after today she will not be on any. YEAH!

Today and yesterday are about the same. Hannah wakes up and receives her Albuterol updraft breathing treatment. She gets dressed and off to Carti we go in the ambulance. We get back to the hospital around 10:00, then it is nap time. Hannah gets physical therapy and occupational therapy every day. The rest of the day consists of napping and playing with toys.

Also, today Hannah will receive her weekly chemotherapy of Vencrisitne.

Please pray for Hannah to stay strong and that she gets her appetite back, she is still receiving TPN and lipids so she is getting plenty of nutrition. But I know she would like to eat real food too.

Thank you for all the prayers.
Keep them coming and keep the faith!

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