Friday, October 18, 2013


Written Sep 23, 2008 

We are 72 hours + fever free! 

Hannah has had a good couple of days. Yesterday her ANC went back up to 568 and then today her ANC was 1,315! Hannah's HGB (blood count) is low today and she will be getting a blood transfusion later this afternoon.

We went to Carti for radiation both yesterday and today and all went well. Since Hannah is in the hospital we have to ride in an ambulance from Children's to Carti and both days we were able to ride with our good buddies Lillie and her mom Harmony! We all enjoyed the ride.
Only 14 more radiation treatments!

Hannah had a GREAT physical therapy treatment today! She lifted her knee, moving her left quad muscle. The physical therapist was excited, we were ALL very excited, she said that the quad is a great walking muscle! Hannah maybe walking again before we know it! Also, the toes on Hannah's right foot are moving more and more each day. 

We may get to go back to the apartment sometime towards the end of the week.
Thank you for all your prayers. Hannah is growing stronger and stronger each day.  
Please pray for a total healing.

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