Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Written Oct 30, 2008 

MRI results are in.
Drum roll please.....................Hannah is tumor FREE!
Yea! No more tumor! Thank you Jesus!

On the flip side we had a crazy night. I noticed that Hannah's ommaya reservoir was not going back down to its original size. I informed the nurse and she paged the neurosurgeon on call. They agreed with me that it should be back to its original size by now. They viewed the MRI and Hannah had a CT scan of her head this morning. The doctors came to the conclusion that there is inflammation where the ommaya enters into the ventricular of the brain.

Hannah is having surgery today in just an hour or so.

The neurosurgeons are going to remove the ommaya reservoir and place a new one on the other side of her head.

We are definitely riding a roller coaster today! But we are SUPER EXCITED about the MRI results! Thank you to everyone for all the prayers for Hannah. She will be having a ruff day today and she still has a long journey ahead of her but Praise God the tumor is gone!

Keep the Faith!

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