Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girls Craft Night

Girls Craft Night was a Success.
This is the fourth or fifth Girls Craft Event i have hosted. 
i pick 3-4 crafts.
i get all the needed crafty materials. 
i post the event  on Facebook and invite my friends.
Then...we ALL get together and get our craft on! 

this time we created...
glitter canvas silhouttes
burlap door hangers (pumpkins)
magnet board and magnets
and mini wood bunting

i love seeing paint brushes in dirty water.
it says....creativity has happen.  

first a peek at the glitter silhouettes...
this is the one i created (inspired from Pinterest)
i love this grey and black chevron with the razorback.

my fabulous little sister did  this turkey... 

look in the back ground. 
Christi found inspiration in my studio.  

loving the teal/green background makes the manger scene really pop.

Go Hogs Go!  

Christi's Mon made this A-MAZ-ING manger. 
it really turned out spectacular. 
Savannah did her initial on her pumpkin door hanger.  

cousin love.
they had to be different with their door hangers.
my little sis had to use scraps.
and with that she made this adorable snowman.
i see a snowman like this on my door soon. 

my Neighbor...who is ALWAYS there when I need an egg or a cup of sugar.
polka dot cuteness....   


the magnetic boards with magnets... 
a few of the other girls showing off their wonderful creations.  
girls craft night was truly a wonderful time.
i love hanging out with these girls.
helping them be creative and make art.

i can't wait for the next one

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