Friday, October 18, 2013


Written Oct 15, 2008

We made it home around 11 pm on Monday night.
When Hannah got home she pointed outside and said, "Sadie" (our dogs name), she enjoyed looking at all the rooms of the house. Hannah knew she was home and she has been happy to be here ever since.
We have had a very busy past two days. Jon and I have been trying to unpack stuff and organize things. The seasons have changed since we have been at the hospital and the house and closets need to be organized.

Hannah is doing good and enjoying playing with all her toys and Jackson. Jackson was playing doctor with Hannah and Hannah let him give her a shot. It was pretty cute. She is such a brave little girl. Also, Hannah has been trying to get her appetite back. She is eating some baby food and drinking a lot of water and juice. Hopefully her appetite will continue to increase so she will not have to have the TPN and lipids anymore.

Hannah has a doctors appointment at the clinic in Fayetteville tomorrow and we will have her lab drawn and her port reaccessed. There is a 'rumor' that if she meets counts tomorrow we maybe going back to Little Rock on Monday. But as of right now we are unsure.

Please continue to pray for Hannah. The burns on her back need to heal as well as her strength and appetite to increase. Thank you for all the prayers.
Keep the Faith!

*****Happy 16 month Birthday to Hannah*****

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