Friday, October 18, 2013


Written Oct 17, 2008 

Hannah did good at her doctors visit. The Fayetteville clinic is a lot different then at L.R. but the people were very nice. I think all in all it will be fine. They want what is best for Hannah and I appreciate that. More less they are kind of the median between us and L.R. when we are home.

Hannah's back is still looking good the medical professionals say, although I think it looks painful and not so good. We are having to treat her back with special medicine three times a day with a special dressing to protect it. I pray this painful burn heals very rapidly.

We will not be going to L.R. until Hannah's back heals and she will still need to make counts!

We received Hannah's lab results back this morning. Her ANC is 800. It is good but not high as we would like it. Her platelets are 24, they appear to be on their way back down. We thought her platelets would increase after having that platelet transfusion last week but we were told that even Hannah is finished with her radiation it will continue to work for about two more weeks. This could be the reason it is decreasing!

Hannah is doing good. She is really enjoying being at home. Jackson and her are getting to spend a lot of good quality brother and sister time together. It is so precious watching them play and share together.

Please continue to pray for Hannah. Hannah's burn on her back need to heal up so she will not be in pain and so she can get her chemotherapy.
God Bless You All!

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