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Written Oct 20, 2008 

Hello Everyone!
Hannah has had a fabulous weekend. She really enjoys being at home and Hannah received a visit from each grandparent this weekend. Hannah loves her grandparents. They make her smile a lot!

Please have a seat before reading the following:
Hannah is now moving her left leg! Yes, her complete left leg is moving. She is pulling her knee up and down. Also, Hannah's right foot is moving. That is the side that only the toes have been wiggling. She is able to point her foot down and flex it back.
What a MIRACLE. The doctors were unsure that she would regain function in her legs after the tumor compressed her spinal column and nerves.
Look at her now. Hannah's right leg is the one that had the nerve cut so it is a little behind but it is working more and more every day!

Hannah and I made another trip to Fayetteville today. She had to have lab work done and the nurse needed to check out Hannah's burn on her back from her radiation. Her ANC is 720. It is still going down but it is over 500 which is good. Hannah's platelets are up and her blood count too! Everything with the lab results are good. Hannah's back is looking great. Since Thursday her burn has shrunk to half the size it was. It looks really well. I am so thankful for the speedy healing of her back.

Hannah will start Home Health Physical Therapy tomorrow. The lady should be here in the morning. I am anxious for Hannah to get more therapy it really helps with her legs and strength. Then, on Thursday Hannah has to go back to Fayetteville for more lab work. If her back is healed up enough and if she makes counts we "could" be going to Little Rock on Monday!

Thank you so much for all the prayers for Hannah. Please pray for her back to heal and her counts to increase. I believe that God has a purpose and is healing her body right in front of our eyes.
Keep the Faith!

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