Friday, September 20, 2013


Written September 20, 2008

Friday, Hannah's ANC was 3,144!

She is not neutropenic any more but she is still running fever on and off. 
Around 3:00 or so Hannah's temperature spiked all the way up to 103.6*.

The radiation and chemotherapy kills all the cells good and bad so the body fights back by running a temperature. I did start to feel uneasy when her temperature was so elevated. We prayed a lot and gave her some Tylenol and it slowly went back down.
Hannah did receive her 5th radiation treatment; only16 more treatments to go.

Today, Saturday is a good lazy day.
We all slept in until around 9am.
Hannah had an Albuterol updraft breathing treatment this morning. 
She will receive one every morning. It seems to help a lot.

Hannah's ANC is down to 1,945.
Still not neutropenic but lower than yesterday.
The doctor said it will go up and down often while she is getting radiation. 
Then, of course 7-14 days after each time she gets chemotherapy.
Also, Hannah has not ran a temperature so far today!

Thank your for all the prayers for our little Hannah!
Please, keep them coming.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Written September 18, 2008 
Hannah has had a busy couple of days.
Anytime you are in the hospital and have to be transported by ambulance to Carti for radiation makes for a busy morning and day.

Wednesday, We went to Carti for radiation although Hannah did not get treatment. After they sedated her she started coughing and could not breathe very well. The doctors at Carti thought it was too unsafe to do the treatment. So we went back to the hospital. She has continued having a runny nose and eyes and a cough every now and then. Hannah did have to receive platelets today because her counts were low.
Hannah's ANC was 74, on the rise but still very low.

On a positive note, Hannah started clapping her hands and blowing kisses again! She has not done any of these things since we have been at the hospital. I love to see her acting like her old self again.

Today, Thursday, We started off this morning with an albuterol updraft treatment from respiratory therapy and some suctioning of the nose and mouth. Hannah was not so happy about waking up and having this done first thing but she did well. Hannah needed this updraft treatment to clear out all the mucus so that Carti could sedate her with out her coughing. Hannah has to have her radiation; it is a priority.

We went in the ambulance to Carti and Hannah did very well. She hardly had any trouble with the sedation and received her full radiation treatment. Also, today was the day for Hannah's weekly chemotherapy and she received her Vencristine today!

Hannah's ANC is 1203! YEAH, it is moving on up!
She was going to get more blood today but her HGB numbers were elevated and she was 10.7 a whole .7 over what she needed to be.
Hannah did get a new medicine today; called IVG's it is to help build up her antibodies. Which she needs if we are going to ever get to leave this hospital again.

Hannah did a great job in physical and occupational therapy today. During physical therapy Hannah tried to crawl moving her arms forward (we had to help move her legs), she rolled from side to side (she did try to move her legs a little on her own), she tried to set up from lying on her side, and she set up and played for 10 minutes or longer. Hannah needs help sitting up but her trunk is getting stronger each day. During occupational therapy Hannah played for 15 minutes or so and was setting on a little bench with little help supporting her trunk. She is doing a great job and is getting stronger every day.

Please pray that Hannah gets her appetite back and is able to hold her food down. 
As well as strength and healing from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.
God bless you all!
Keep the faith.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Written September 16, 2008
So far...another good day.
Hannah has not spiked any more fevers. We are planning on going on with her radiation tomorrow morning, but no sign of being discharged from the hospital yet.

Hannah had an echo (ultrasound) of her heart today. Just to make sure her heart still looks healthy and it is doing fine. She also had a blood transfusion. Her Red Blood Cell count is at 8.8 but for radiation they like her cell count to be a 10.

Hannah still has not had much of an appetite. She acts like she want some milk but she can't hold it down. The doctor still has her on IV nutrition (TPN and Lipids) this is so she is getting enough nutrition even though she is not eating.

Jackson went to play at Camp Wannaplay this afternoon. It is an area set up with toys, paint, games, books, and a lot of fun kid stuff. Jackson loves going to Camp Wannaplay. Hannah, Jon, and I decided to go get Jackson to bring him back to the room. Jackson and one of the male volunteers were putting on a concert for 5-6 ladies. Jackson and the volunteer had guitars they were playing and they were singing so loud. Jackson was singing Jesus Loves Me This I Know; over and over and over again. The ladies were laughing and loving it. The ladies said he had been putting on this concert for the last 15 minutes. Jackson never meets a stranger and just about everyone here knows Jackson!

Thanks for all the guestbook entries; we really do enjoy them. Thanks for all the prayers, support and concern with our little Hannah.

Please pray for a complete healing from this cancer and that Hannah will get her appetite back.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Written September 15, 2008 

Today is a good day.

Hannah's fever is low grade now and has been since late last night. As you can tell by the new picture that she loved playing during OT. Also, she is 15 months old today! That makes two monthly B-days she has had in the hospital. You may also be able to tell that she is almost bald from the medicine. Other than the hair and fever there has not been much of a change in things.

Jackson and Dad got to go to the zoo today. He ran around so much that at the end he just sat down and said his legs were tired and was not going to walk anymore. Dad had to carry him on his shoulders the rest of the way.

Keep the Faith!


Written September 15, 2008 

Today, Sunday, Hannah has had a rough day.
She has ran a fever most of the day with the highest being 102.7, needless to say our little girl has not felt well. She is also starting to loose her hair. It has been a long day for all of us, but as of right now she is resting nicely. She will not be able to continue her radiation until her fever is under control, hopefully that will only take a day or two. Tiffany and I both believe one of the reasons for the temp is due to her cutting some more teeth. 

Now, to the good news. Hannah is moving her toes on he right foot more and more. You can touch her knee and she will move her toes. She is also moving her whole left foot now. Everyday you can see more improvements with her feet. 
Praise the Lord!
 Please continue the prayers for Hannah and the whole family. 
Keep the faith because the Lord is working his powers right in front us!

God Bless

(written by Jon) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Written September 14, 2008 


Hannah moved her toes on her right foot! Less than 12 hours from me updating Hannah's journal on Thursday evening she started moving her toes. 
She had not moved her toes on her right foot in over 3 weeks.

God is answering prayers for us daily!  
Thank you for all the prayers too.

Thursday night we made it to our room. Hannah had a pretty good night. Her temperature would go up and down but nothing over 101*. 
Her lab test showed that she was in fact neutropenic. 
If her ANC is anything under 500 she is neutropenic and Hannah's ANC was 384. Friday, we canceled her radiation treatment. 
Hannah's ANC had dropped again to 30. 
She ran a low grade fever on and off all day long. 
She is getting antibiotics to fight off any infection that she 'could' be exposed too. Hannah is being strong and doing ok. 

Today, Saturday, Hannah has had a little nausea, she is still running a little temperature, but is resting well and playing and laughing too.
 Her ANC is on it's way up. This morning in was 37. 
Her toes are still moving!

On the welcome page of Hannah's website I have put some information about ordering 'Hope for Hannah' t-shirts. Just e-mail me if you would like one and we will get them ordered. It may be a week or two before you get them. Also, I am going to post a picture of the shirts under the photo tab later today or tomorrow. 
(Shirts are not being ordered/made anymore.)
Hannah and our family have made a new friend. 
Miss Lillie Burton, she has just turned four and started her radiation the same day as Hannah. Lillie's family moved into the same apartments as we did, they are good people. Please check out her website and add her to your prayer list too. 
Her website is under Hannah's 'links' tab at the top of the page. 

Thanks again for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for Hannah's blood work to go back to normal limits and for her fever to go away.
 Don't forget we want her legs to start moving too!
 Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Written September 11, 2008

Tuesday, was a very busy day. It was a rush to get discharged from the hospital by 8 am and get to Carti by 8:45. We made it and Hannah was early to her first radiation appointment. Hannah did great during her treatment. 

After the treatment we were able to go to our apartment. The apartment is not bad at all. It made Jon and I feel like we were in college again, except with kids. So we ordered pizza for dinner! Hannah and Jackson both enjoyed the pizza. Jackson said, "I want to eat pizza for breakfast too." 

Hannah's home health lady came by Tuesday as well. She showed Jon and I how to prepare Hannah's TPN and lipids (IV nutrition). It is a lot of information but we figured it out together. 

Wednesday, Hannah had her radiation appointment at 8 am. Then, we had to go to the hospital for Hannah's physical therapy evaluation. She did really good and she is moving her toes on her left foot and her left ankle. However, her right foot and toes are not moving yet. 

Hannah has had a really good past couple of days. She enjoys the apartment a lot. Hannah has been sitting up (with support from mom), she was coloring, laughing at Jackson and Dad and eating pretty good. She has really been tolerating her treatments well. 

Today, Thursday, Hannah had her 3rd radiation treatment. After her treatment we had to go to the clinic (at the hospital) for blood tests and her weekly chemotherapy, as well as physical therapy. Hannah did really great with her radiation. We had to wait awhile at the clinic. After getting her lab and weekly chemo Hannah was really tired. So, Jon and I decided to cancel her physical therapy. 

We all went home for lunch and a nap. Hannah was napping so well. I felt her and she felt a little warm. I took her blanket off of her to see if she would cool down. She was not cooling down. I checked her temperature and she was running 102.2* temperature.

We were informed that if her temperature is 101.0 or higher we are supposed to rush her to the emergency room. (If Hannah has a fever it means that she is neutropenic and 'could' have an infection.) Once in the ER Hannah's temperature was dropping. They doctors went ahead and admitted her to 3 Gold and we had to stay the night in the hospital to see what Hannah's blood test are tomorrow morning. 

This may seem a little strange but with cancer patients this happens often. 
This will most likely just be the first of many ER visits.

Please pray that Hannah's right foot starts working and that her blood counts increase. We need a healthy baby to get through all these treatments.
Thank you for all the prayers. God is good and his will, will be done.
Keep the Faith!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Written September 9, 2008 

Hannah's first round of monthly chemotherapy is complete. 
She has done so great. 
Hannah still can have some side effects and get neutropenic during the next 7-14 days. This is called her "nadir" period. We have to be super cautious at what Hannah is exposed too.

Today is day 35 at the hospital and we get to be discharged at 8 am. We are all so excited. It is almost surreal. At some point in time it feels like you are going to have to stay at the hospital for the rest of you life. We are very excited to get to move into the apartment that Carti is supplying for us.

At 8:45 am Hannah has her very first radiation treatment.

Since, Hannah will not be an in-patient we will be going to Carti Monday-Friday for radiation, to the oncology clinic Monday and Thursday for Hannah's weekly chemotherapy and blood tests, to check her levels, and also to the hospital a few days a week for physical therapy.

Please pray that Hannah does well with her first day of radiation and that she continues to do well and stays healthy.


Written September 6, 2008 

Hannah's second day of chemo went well. 
Still no side effects from the chemo yet. 
Hannah is just resting and enjoying Jackson. 

We've added new pictures, so check them out. 

Some Siloam Springs, firefighters, and others for a total of 15 adults and 3 children, shaved their heads in support of Hannah. In the picture, you can see the shirts that we are going to have for a fundraiser for Hannah (HOPE FOR HANNAH).

Hannah "should" be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and we will move into our apartment for the next six weeks while Hannah receives her radiation treatment. 

Today is 32 days in the hospital, our whole family is so excited for a change of scenery.

Please continue to pray for Hannah's strength and that this tumor will be defeated!!!! Thank you for all the support and GOD bless!

(I will post/add Pictures Soon) 


Written September 5, 2008

Thursday, we went to Carti (radiation cilnic) the people there were wonderful. We were informed that Hannah would be back at Carti on Friday for a scan to get her radiation prepared. 

Starting on Tuesday Hannah will have radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. 

After she is done with her 6 weeks she will be done with her radiation. 
We should get to go home after her 6 weeks are complete. She will not need anymore radiation at that point. 

Hannah started her chemotherapy last night around 9pm.
She slept through the whole thing and she had NO side effects.
Thank you Jesus!

The doctors will use Hannah's ommaya reservoir today. 

She has two more days of chemotherapy then Hannah will just get her weekly chemo until next month. Then we will be in the hospital for three days of treatment then home for three weeks (getting her weekly chemo at home); then repeat for the next 12 months. 

Hannah gets to come home in approximately 6 weeks when all her radiation is complete. We are excited to finally have a day to count down too. 
Hannah is doing great and thank you so much for all the prayers for our little girl.


Written September 3, 2008
Today was a good lazy day.

Hannah is almost back up to her pre-hospital weight.
We have an appointment with Carti in the morning to go over all the radiation information. Then, Hannah should start her first dose of chemotherapy in the afternoon.

I wanted to let everyone know that there has been a cares account/fund set up for Hannah. It is through any Arvest Bank. It is under Hannah, Jon, or Tiffany Boles.
(The mentioned above Cares account is no longer active.)
Thank you for all your blessings and prayers. We appreciate each and every person that is praying and concerned with Hannah's progress. God bless you!

Please pray that Hannah will not have any difficulties with her first chemotherapy treatment.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Written September 2, 2008 

Hannah's surgery went great. 
The placement of her ommaya reservoir was done in about an hour. 

After surgery we came back to Hannah's room on 3 Gold (oncology floor).
She drank a little milk then had a nap. 
Hannah ate a good lunch and a good dinner. 
Hannah and I even had a little play time today. I had her laughing and giggling. 
We both really enjoyed that and so did Jon.
Jackson is doing well. 
He is spending this week with his Papa Eddie. 
He gets to ride a school bus Friday and is extra excited about that!

We are unsure of when Hannah's treatments start at this moment. 
Jon and I think we start everything tomorrow. 
Tomorrow we will have a game plan on what the next few weeks have in store for Hannah.
Thank you again for all the prayers and concern with Hannah.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Written September 1, 2008 5:50pm 

This weekend was pretty good. 
Hannah has taken a lot of naps and ate a lot. 
Just a relaxing weekend, resting up for this big week of new experiences.

The doctors moved her CT scan to Saturday. 
Everything went well with that test.

Hannah's surgery to put in her ommaya reservoir in her head will take place tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.
Everything should go well and Hannah should be able to go back to her room on 3 Gold (Oncology Floor).

Please pray for Hannah to do well tomorrow and that she has strength to make it through this first week of treatments