Thursday, October 24, 2013


Written Oct 24, 2008

Hannah is having a great week.
Even though we are at home we have still been very busy.
Monday to Fayetteville for lab.
Tuesday Physical Therapy at home.
Wednesday Physical Therapy at home.
Thursday to Fayetteville for lab and to access Hannah's port.
Friday Physical Therapy at home.

The burn on Hannah's back is doing fantastic. Today it is about the size of a nickel and it has tissue growing over it so it is not an open burn. Thank you for all the prayers for Hannah's burn. In a weeks time the burn has went from the size of a dollar bill to a nickel. AMAZING!

Hannah's lab results are in.
Her ANC is 798. It is almost to the 1000 mark. We need it to be at 1000 for her to receive her chemotherapy. Also, her platelets are up to 82, almost 100! I am waiting to see if the doctor thinks that Hannah's counts are close enough to start chemotherapy on Monday. If we don't go Monday and her lab results keep improving we may be going to Little Rock on the 3rd of November.

UPDATE: We are going to Little Rock on Monday for Hannah to receive her monthly chemotherapy!
(Please pray for her strength during this time and that all the bad cells are destroyed and only new cells grow!)

Thank you for the many prayers for Hannah.

Times of trial are full of suffering, trouble, distress, affliction, misery, or pain. But God says during those times that we are supposed to "count it all joy" because "the testing of your faith produces patience" (James 1:2-3)....God says patience makes us "perfect and complete, lacking nothing" (James 1:4)

Keep the Faith!

******Don't forget to watch EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION this Sunday! This is the episode that was filmed when we were in the hospital. A boy named Job has been doing treatments for 6 years. He lives in Bigelow, AR. and received a new home. They filmed a lot at the hospital and Hannah's doctor, Dr. Saylor's, is Job's doctor as well and he will be on the show. Check it out!******

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