Friday, October 18, 2013


Written Oct 4, 2008 

Hannah had a good day on Friday. We all went to Carti for Hannah's radiation treatment. She did really well and woke up from the sedation really quick as she always does. Hannah only has 6 more radiation treatments and we are all very excited. Hannah's back needs to heal up from the burns and she will not have to be sedated every day as she does now for her treatments.
After her treatment we came back to the apartment and all took a nap. Later that afternoon we went to the hospital. Hannah had to get her port reaccessed. The needle and tubing from Hannah's port has to be changed weekly. When the nurse was cleaning her port site she noticed that where Hannah's needle was looked red and like it could be trying to get infected. The nurse put antibiotic ointment on it and accessed her port in a different location so that we could keep an eye on the spot. If the area swells, becomes more red, has drainage or if Hannah runs a fever we have to go to the hospital.

Today was a wonderful lazy Saturday. We all slept in until about 8 o'clock. We did nothing today expect enjoy being with each other in the apartment. Hannah only has about two more weeks here in Little Rock. If she stays healthy and strong we should get to go home soon.

Please pray for Hannah's port site to be free of infection and that Hannah stays strong and healthy.
Keep the Faith!

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