Thursday, August 29, 2013


Written August 29, 2008 

Thursday and Friday have been two really good days for Hannah. 
Thursday after noon we finally were able to move back to 3 Gold (the oncology wing).
 "It really felt good to be home," Jon and I said. This place is definitely going to be our home away from home for awhile.

Hannah was took off her morphine pump on Thursday she was able to just get a bolus when needed. That evening we took away the morphine completely. Hannah is still getting pain medicine to make sure she is not hurting but it is very minimal. 

Hannah has lost around 3 pounds or so since she has been in the hospital. We want her to pack on the pounds prior to getting her chemo and radiation. The nurses tried putting a feeding tube down her nose. To say the least that thing was out in less than 15 minutes. However, she loves the chocolate pedia-sure. She drank a whole can with a straw in know time. I think we will start giving her IV nutrition tomorrow as well as the pedia-sure to make sure she is properly getting all the nutrition she needs.
Hannah did get to be free for awhile today. The nurse removed the tubing from her port. She was free of tubes for almost an hour. Hannah receive a nice sponge bath as well as her hair washed; add some baby lotion and presto. 
A nice clean smelling baby. 

Besides Hannah watching her daddy play golf on the x'box, we signed the consent for her surgery on September 2nd to place the ommaya reservoir in her head. 
Hannah will also have a CT scan done on Monday to help the doctors with the surgery on Tuesday.
Thank you so very much for all the wonderful guest book entries and visiting our website. We really enjoy reading all the inspirational things everyone has to say. And Hannah really enjoyed all the hugs and kisses!
Keep the prayers coming. 
We give all the thanks to God for all the family and friends that we have to support us during this time in our lives.
 We pray that God pours his blessings on you all.

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