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8.15.2008 & 8.16.2008

Written August 23, 2008

August 15th &16th

Everything is going good. Hannah made it through the surgery just fine. Surgery started a little later than scheduled. I think they started around 10:00. The surgery lasted for about 4 hours. The tumor was NOT attached to any organs. It was just pushing them around like we thought. The tumor WAS attached to some muscle around the vertebra and to some nerves. Dr. Little had to get Dr Elbabaa (the neurosurgeon) to help separate the tumor from the nerves.
There are three major nerves that go down the right leg. One nerve was fine, one nerve was saved, and one was wrapped up with the tumor and it had to be cut. The doctors are not too worried about having to cut one nerve. They said that babies seem to bounce back and over compensate for a loss. They feel with extensive physical therapy she will be walking again.
The tumor when removed appeared to be necrotic (dead) tissue with some round blue cells. Round blue cells can be malignant but also nerves are derived from blue cells. So, to be on the safe side they went ahead and put a port in Hannah's chest. It is a port that is under the skin that can be numbed with cream and then they can use it to draw blood, give IV fluids, and/or any other medicine or treatment if necessary. Having the port will decrease the times she would have to be stuck with an IV or stuck to get blood for lab testing.
Hannah's incision from this surgery is by her belly button and goes around to her side. It is about 5 inches long. After the surgery we were able to come back to our room on the oncology floor. Hannah did so good during the surgery she did not have to go to the PICU, which is a major blessing. A lot of nurses and doctors were shocked she did not have to go to the PICU after such a major surgery. As well as shocked that she is doing so well.
Hannah is not in much pain and she is already drinking pedialyte. We have to wait about 5-7 days to get results from pathology to find out what exactly what the tumor consisted of and what typed of treatment she may need if any!
Thank you so much for all the prayers and being concerned about our Hannah. She is a fighter and with God on our side all things are possible.
Jackson is doing well and loves his sister so much. The hospital has a waterfall that you can through money in and make a wish. When Jackson goes down stairs with Jon or I he asks for some money. Then he wishes every time for Hannah to get better. He is so precious.
Also, yesterday after Hannah's surgery Ty Pennigton from extreme Makeover Home Edition was at Arkansas Children's Hospital. A boy named Job has been sick with Leukemia, I think, for over 6 years and he is getting a new house. Ty and the film crew were outside our door filming. When they were done Ty came in to each room on the oncology floor and talked to the patients. Jackson, Hannah, and I took a picture with Ty! IT was neat.
Thanks again for all your prayers and support. I will keep you posted with any changes and let you know what we hear from pathology.
Please continue to pray for a Miracle and that the tumor will be nothing except dead tissue.

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