Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Written August 27, 2008 

Hannah had a great past two days. 
We were supposed to move out of the PICU yesterday but there is no empty rooms on the oncology unit. We are just waiting on a room.

The results to the MRI were WONDERFUL! Our doctor removed ALL of the tumor and there was NO leakage of spinal fluid! The MRI just showed a little edema (swelling) which is normal to have after surgery.


Hannah has slept and ate a lot today. She has had a total of two yogurt's, almost 4 baby food jars, and a ton of pedia-lite. Also, a lot of wet diapers.
Hannah will be resting up from this last surgery and then on September 2nd she will get another port put in her head and start treatments.

We are requesting no visitors after Friday. 
We need to make sure Hannah stays as healthy as possible.
If you are interested you may send Hannah a letter through the Arkansas Children's Hospital website or by regular mail. The mailing address is here on the right side of Hannah's website. Just make sure you write her name on the envelope!
God bless you all.

(These e-mails and letters were very encouraging to us.)

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