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Written August 24, 2008 

August 21st

Day 16

The last few days have been good. Hannah's digestive system has been working and she is eating very well. We have just been waiting and anticipating the results from the pathologist.
Hannah did have another MRI today. The doctors wanted another MRI to compare to the first two prior to her surgeries. They also scanned her brain to make sure it is good and healthy. We should get the results to the MRI tomorrow (Friday).

The results from the biopsy came today. We had to get results from a pathology lab all the way in Boston. They are really good with rare tumors.
 Hannah as a tumor called,
A RHABDOID TUMOR (Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor)
(If you search it make sure you are reading about a Rhabdoid Tumor not a Rhabdoid....sarcoma or something else.) The best place to search is, this is what the doctor here recommended if you like to research stuff online.

Ok, to clear up what this is. This is a very very very rare tumor. The doctors here see one of these tumors maybe once every two-three years! It derives from the spinal column, brain (hence the MRI of the brain), and around the kidney tissue, and muscle.
Hannah is having a THIRD surgery on Monday morning to get out a small amount of the tumor that was left deep in her spinal column. We have to treat this tumor very aggressively and very quickly. We plan to have all the tumor out on Monday and then as soon as she is well enough, she will start treatment. 
She will have to have a very strong dose of chemo and radiation for the next year, maybe the next two years. After she heals from this surgery on Monday and has treatment we may get to go home for two weeks are so and then have to come back for a week of treatment. 
That will be our plan for the next year. 
A week at Arkansas Children's Hospital then two-three weeks home then back to Little Rock. While at home Hannah will still be on super strong medicine.
On the up side, if this tumor does not regrow during the first two years of treatment, she "SHOULD" (notice quotations) be in remission for the rest of her life.
Our doctor has treated one of these Rhabdoid tumors before. They boy responded to this treatment and is now in remission. That is nice to know that our doctor is familure with this crazy tumor.
Thank you so much for all the prayers.....keep them coming!
We are keeping the FAITH. 
We know our GOD is in control. 
Hannah will survive, we just have a very long road ahead of us.

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