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Written August 24, 2008

Sorry for such a long wait for a new update. I have been trying to get all my old e-mails into this journal so that Hannah's story will be in sequence.
(That explains the "written" day being different from the day of the post)
Friday we got the results to the MRI of Hannah's brain. 
Her brain was clear of any tumors. 


We had a meeting with our Oncologist to go over all the different chemotherapy drugs and radiation that Hannah will receive. That was one meeting I don't want to ever have to have again. 
Lets just say the drugs are very potent and some of the side effects are very scary. One of the side effects can be the loss of hearing high pitch sounds. Hannah had a hearing screen test and will have one prior to each of her treatments. She pasted the first screen test!
Hannah's surgery is in the morning, scheduled for 7:30 to remove all of the tumor that is still in and around her spine. 
The tumor is growing so fast Hannah is not able to move her legs again. 
This is a crazy fast growing tumor.
Hannah had a great weekend. Sunday she was a little moody and in pain. But, all in all she is well. She did have to have another CT scan of her vertebra tonight at 9 PM for the surgeons to look at in the morning.
We were also informed this weekend that Hannah will have a 4th surgery on September 2nd to put a different kind of port in her head. The port will be so she can get chemo to her brain and spine. Usually she would get a spinal tap done and chemo put directly into her spine. But, after having two back surgeries her landmarks are gone and they can't do a spinal tap through her incisions/scars.
Thanks so much for all the prayers and support. We have faith and God is giving us comfort that Hannah will be ok and her surgery tomorrow will go fine.

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