Saturday, August 17, 2013


Written August 23, 2008 

August 17th

Day 12

We had a pretty good weekend. Hannah has slept a lot and so has Jon and I.
Hannah did throw up twice, but after that she acted as if she felt better. She held everything down after that. The doctors decreased her morphine pump, she is tolerating everything like a champ. She is pretty bruised from the surgery but does not act like it seems to bother her.
Jon and I both held Hannah today, She really enjoyed it and so did we. She is still moving both feet and legs. Not a whole lot of movement but they are moving. Physical therapy will be helping Hannah with her leg movement this week.
Hopefully we will get some results from pathology on Wednesday or maybe Friday.
Thank you for all your prayers. God is taking care of His little children and with His grace, Hannah will be back to her old self soon!
God Bless you All!

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