Sunday, August 11, 2013


Written August 23, 2008

August 11th

Day 6

Hannah had another good day. I really enjoy these good days. She is starting to act like our Hannah. Hannah ate a lot and finally went poop. (She had not gone in 6 days.) We were told that the neurosurgeon were done with us so we would be moving to 3 Gold, the Oncology floor. They deal with tumors of all kinds.
 Hannah had physical therapy for the first time. It was pretty dramatic. We took her to a special room for physical therapy. She was scared. She did not know these people and they were wanting her to do all kinds of things. She was just not happy. We went back to her room and she was fine.
The Oncologist came in today and told us the results to the biopsy. The tumor tested negative for NeuroBlastoma and negative for GangloNeuroBlastoma. These are the things that the doctors were 90%+ sure that Hannah has. 
He said we were supposed to have the results that Friday, but none of the pathologist could figure out what kind of tumor Hannah had. It just kept testing like dead tissue. Thank You Jesus!
Since they can't tell what Hannah has they want to go ahead and do the other surgery. Hannah will have surgery this Friday at 8:30 to remove the large tumor in her abdomen.
Please pray that the surgery will go good and that the surgeons can remove all of the tumor with out trouble and minimal blood loss.

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