Sunday, August 25, 2013

8.25.2008 post surgery update

Written August 25, 2008 

We have settled into the PICU. 
Hannah is resting comfortably and so is Jon.
Hannah's blood was having trouble coagulating after her surgery. 
She lost a lot of blood and received 1 unit of blood in the operating room. 
The doctors and nurses gave Hannah a type of platelet product and her blood is coagulating normally. She is getting blood work done every four hours to monitor her blood count, coagulation, and electrolytes.
So far so good.
She is a fighter! 
Jackson did get to visit with Hannah for a few minutes tonight. He had been asking about her all day.
Our God is an awesome God. 
He has got her through two surgeries before and God is in control. 
He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 
I believe our God will do it again. 
God has always came through for us and He is still the same GOD.
Praise GOD!
Thank you for all your prayers for our Hannah.

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