Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Written September 9, 2008 

Hannah's first round of monthly chemotherapy is complete. 
She has done so great. 
Hannah still can have some side effects and get neutropenic during the next 7-14 days. This is called her "nadir" period. We have to be super cautious at what Hannah is exposed too.

Today is day 35 at the hospital and we get to be discharged at 8 am. We are all so excited. It is almost surreal. At some point in time it feels like you are going to have to stay at the hospital for the rest of you life. We are very excited to get to move into the apartment that Carti is supplying for us.

At 8:45 am Hannah has her very first radiation treatment.

Since, Hannah will not be an in-patient we will be going to Carti Monday-Friday for radiation, to the oncology clinic Monday and Thursday for Hannah's weekly chemotherapy and blood tests, to check her levels, and also to the hospital a few days a week for physical therapy.

Please pray that Hannah does well with her first day of radiation and that she continues to do well and stays healthy.

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