Friday, September 20, 2013


Written September 20, 2008

Friday, Hannah's ANC was 3,144!

She is not neutropenic any more but she is still running fever on and off. 
Around 3:00 or so Hannah's temperature spiked all the way up to 103.6*.

The radiation and chemotherapy kills all the cells good and bad so the body fights back by running a temperature. I did start to feel uneasy when her temperature was so elevated. We prayed a lot and gave her some Tylenol and it slowly went back down.
Hannah did receive her 5th radiation treatment; only16 more treatments to go.

Today, Saturday is a good lazy day.
We all slept in until around 9am.
Hannah had an Albuterol updraft breathing treatment this morning. 
She will receive one every morning. It seems to help a lot.

Hannah's ANC is down to 1,945.
Still not neutropenic but lower than yesterday.
The doctor said it will go up and down often while she is getting radiation. 
Then, of course 7-14 days after each time she gets chemotherapy.
Also, Hannah has not ran a temperature so far today!

Thank your for all the prayers for our little Hannah!
Please, keep them coming.

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