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Written September 11, 2008

Tuesday, was a very busy day. It was a rush to get discharged from the hospital by 8 am and get to Carti by 8:45. We made it and Hannah was early to her first radiation appointment. Hannah did great during her treatment. 

After the treatment we were able to go to our apartment. The apartment is not bad at all. It made Jon and I feel like we were in college again, except with kids. So we ordered pizza for dinner! Hannah and Jackson both enjoyed the pizza. Jackson said, "I want to eat pizza for breakfast too." 

Hannah's home health lady came by Tuesday as well. She showed Jon and I how to prepare Hannah's TPN and lipids (IV nutrition). It is a lot of information but we figured it out together. 

Wednesday, Hannah had her radiation appointment at 8 am. Then, we had to go to the hospital for Hannah's physical therapy evaluation. She did really good and she is moving her toes on her left foot and her left ankle. However, her right foot and toes are not moving yet. 

Hannah has had a really good past couple of days. She enjoys the apartment a lot. Hannah has been sitting up (with support from mom), she was coloring, laughing at Jackson and Dad and eating pretty good. She has really been tolerating her treatments well. 

Today, Thursday, Hannah had her 3rd radiation treatment. After her treatment we had to go to the clinic (at the hospital) for blood tests and her weekly chemotherapy, as well as physical therapy. Hannah did really great with her radiation. We had to wait awhile at the clinic. After getting her lab and weekly chemo Hannah was really tired. So, Jon and I decided to cancel her physical therapy. 

We all went home for lunch and a nap. Hannah was napping so well. I felt her and she felt a little warm. I took her blanket off of her to see if she would cool down. She was not cooling down. I checked her temperature and she was running 102.2* temperature.

We were informed that if her temperature is 101.0 or higher we are supposed to rush her to the emergency room. (If Hannah has a fever it means that she is neutropenic and 'could' have an infection.) Once in the ER Hannah's temperature was dropping. They doctors went ahead and admitted her to 3 Gold and we had to stay the night in the hospital to see what Hannah's blood test are tomorrow morning. 

This may seem a little strange but with cancer patients this happens often. 
This will most likely just be the first of many ER visits.

Please pray that Hannah's right foot starts working and that her blood counts increase. We need a healthy baby to get through all these treatments.
Thank you for all the prayers. God is good and his will, will be done.
Keep the Faith!

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