Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Written September 6, 2008 

Hannah's second day of chemo went well. 
Still no side effects from the chemo yet. 
Hannah is just resting and enjoying Jackson. 

We've added new pictures, so check them out. 

Some Siloam Springs, firefighters, and others for a total of 15 adults and 3 children, shaved their heads in support of Hannah. In the picture, you can see the shirts that we are going to have for a fundraiser for Hannah (HOPE FOR HANNAH).

Hannah "should" be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and we will move into our apartment for the next six weeks while Hannah receives her radiation treatment. 

Today is 32 days in the hospital, our whole family is so excited for a change of scenery.

Please continue to pray for Hannah's strength and that this tumor will be defeated!!!! Thank you for all the support and GOD bless!

(I will post/add Pictures Soon) 

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