Monday, September 16, 2013


Written September 16, 2008
So far...another good day.
Hannah has not spiked any more fevers. We are planning on going on with her radiation tomorrow morning, but no sign of being discharged from the hospital yet.

Hannah had an echo (ultrasound) of her heart today. Just to make sure her heart still looks healthy and it is doing fine. She also had a blood transfusion. Her Red Blood Cell count is at 8.8 but for radiation they like her cell count to be a 10.

Hannah still has not had much of an appetite. She acts like she want some milk but she can't hold it down. The doctor still has her on IV nutrition (TPN and Lipids) this is so she is getting enough nutrition even though she is not eating.

Jackson went to play at Camp Wannaplay this afternoon. It is an area set up with toys, paint, games, books, and a lot of fun kid stuff. Jackson loves going to Camp Wannaplay. Hannah, Jon, and I decided to go get Jackson to bring him back to the room. Jackson and one of the male volunteers were putting on a concert for 5-6 ladies. Jackson and the volunteer had guitars they were playing and they were singing so loud. Jackson was singing Jesus Loves Me This I Know; over and over and over again. The ladies were laughing and loving it. The ladies said he had been putting on this concert for the last 15 minutes. Jackson never meets a stranger and just about everyone here knows Jackson!

Thanks for all the guestbook entries; we really do enjoy them. Thanks for all the prayers, support and concern with our little Hannah.

Please pray for a complete healing from this cancer and that Hannah will get her appetite back.

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