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Written September 18, 2008 
Hannah has had a busy couple of days.
Anytime you are in the hospital and have to be transported by ambulance to Carti for radiation makes for a busy morning and day.

Wednesday, We went to Carti for radiation although Hannah did not get treatment. After they sedated her she started coughing and could not breathe very well. The doctors at Carti thought it was too unsafe to do the treatment. So we went back to the hospital. She has continued having a runny nose and eyes and a cough every now and then. Hannah did have to receive platelets today because her counts were low.
Hannah's ANC was 74, on the rise but still very low.

On a positive note, Hannah started clapping her hands and blowing kisses again! She has not done any of these things since we have been at the hospital. I love to see her acting like her old self again.

Today, Thursday, We started off this morning with an albuterol updraft treatment from respiratory therapy and some suctioning of the nose and mouth. Hannah was not so happy about waking up and having this done first thing but she did well. Hannah needed this updraft treatment to clear out all the mucus so that Carti could sedate her with out her coughing. Hannah has to have her radiation; it is a priority.

We went in the ambulance to Carti and Hannah did very well. She hardly had any trouble with the sedation and received her full radiation treatment. Also, today was the day for Hannah's weekly chemotherapy and she received her Vencristine today!

Hannah's ANC is 1203! YEAH, it is moving on up!
She was going to get more blood today but her HGB numbers were elevated and she was 10.7 a whole .7 over what she needed to be.
Hannah did get a new medicine today; called IVG's it is to help build up her antibodies. Which she needs if we are going to ever get to leave this hospital again.

Hannah did a great job in physical and occupational therapy today. During physical therapy Hannah tried to crawl moving her arms forward (we had to help move her legs), she rolled from side to side (she did try to move her legs a little on her own), she tried to set up from lying on her side, and she set up and played for 10 minutes or longer. Hannah needs help sitting up but her trunk is getting stronger each day. During occupational therapy Hannah played for 15 minutes or so and was setting on a little bench with little help supporting her trunk. She is doing a great job and is getting stronger every day.

Please pray that Hannah gets her appetite back and is able to hold her food down. 
As well as strength and healing from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.
God bless you all!
Keep the faith.

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