Monday, September 2, 2013


Written September 2, 2008 

Hannah's surgery went great. 
The placement of her ommaya reservoir was done in about an hour. 

After surgery we came back to Hannah's room on 3 Gold (oncology floor).
She drank a little milk then had a nap. 
Hannah ate a good lunch and a good dinner. 
Hannah and I even had a little play time today. I had her laughing and giggling. 
We both really enjoyed that and so did Jon.
Jackson is doing well. 
He is spending this week with his Papa Eddie. 
He gets to ride a school bus Friday and is extra excited about that!

We are unsure of when Hannah's treatments start at this moment. 
Jon and I think we start everything tomorrow. 
Tomorrow we will have a game plan on what the next few weeks have in store for Hannah.
Thank you again for all the prayers and concern with Hannah.

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