Sunday, September 15, 2013


Written September 15, 2008 

Today, Sunday, Hannah has had a rough day.
She has ran a fever most of the day with the highest being 102.7, needless to say our little girl has not felt well. She is also starting to loose her hair. It has been a long day for all of us, but as of right now she is resting nicely. She will not be able to continue her radiation until her fever is under control, hopefully that will only take a day or two. Tiffany and I both believe one of the reasons for the temp is due to her cutting some more teeth. 

Now, to the good news. Hannah is moving her toes on he right foot more and more. You can touch her knee and she will move her toes. She is also moving her whole left foot now. Everyday you can see more improvements with her feet. 
Praise the Lord!
 Please continue the prayers for Hannah and the whole family. 
Keep the faith because the Lord is working his powers right in front us!

God Bless

(written by Jon) 

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