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Written Nov 25, 2008 
Hannah is recovering pretty good.

Yesterday, (Monday)
Hannah slept a lot. Her abdomen girth has been decreasing which is a good thing. Everything has gone pretty well. Although Hannah's NG tube has been acting up.

The tube has to be small to fit in her little nose that the tube keeps getting clogged. (She has to have the NG tube in until she goes potty.) The nurses were having to come an irrigate her NG tube every two hours and every four hours they are checking her abdomen girth for any change.

Hannah's platelets were a little low so as usual she had a platelet infusion. All of Hannah's other lab counts are within the normal range. The surgeons think she is doing well and the neurosurgeon has been keeping an eye on Hannah's old ommaya reservoir and checking for leaks. The neurosurgeon did say that if it leaks again she may have to have another surgery to stop the leaking.

Hannah is doing about the same. She wanted to go out for a walk. After two or three days in the room Hannah gets cabin fever. She likes to get out and look around. I can't blame her I enjoy our walks and getting out too. After our walk she was extremely tired and has been sleeping the majority of the day.

Hannah is having bowel sounds. (This is really really good!) Her bowels are waking up from the surgery. The NG tube is still giving her trouble and the good news is the fluid coming from her stomach is turning a clear color. The doctors decided to go ahead to pull her NG tube out since it is not cooperating. She still yet has to go potty but she should soon! Hannah enjoys being NG tube FREE and she could not be happier!

The doctors think that Hannah is doing good. She was taken off of one of her antibiotics and is now only on two. Hannah's potassium was low today so she is going to receive a potassium bolus day (a small amount to help it from decreasing lower).

"You can find strength in God and in His Word"
Joel 3:10

Thank you for all your continued prayers for Hannah.
Keep the Faith

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