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Written Nov 18, 2008
Hannah has been over 24 hours fever FREE!

We are excited. You can tell that she is feeling better and heart rate is finally going back down to the normal range.

Sunday, was a busy day!
Hannah's counts were all crazy. She had to receive a blood, platelets, and a potassium infusion. Hannah is on so many antibiotics that can't be given with any other medications it was difficult to try to fit everything she needed into one day.

Hannah had a low grad fever the majority of the day. Nothing over 102* so we were excited about that!
Her ANC did increase for 0 to 10! That's a start.

Yesterday, (Monday)
Hannah had a pretty good day. Her platelets were low yet again and she had to received another infusion. Everything else seemed to be holding it's own.

Hannah's ANC has increase to 21! The Neupogen shot dose was increased and we are slowly seeing results!
Hannah's highest temperature was 101.3*.

However, the doctors did take her off one antibiotic and decreased her phenobarbital (She should be off this medication completely, soon!). This is good. We have to be able to get rid of the antibiotics to get to go home.

Hannah finally felt well enough to try to do a little physical therapy. She is really weak since she has not done anything in almost two weeks. She did move her left leg by herself once. We are going to have to back track a little and hopefully she will be walking down the hallways again soon.

Hannah has been coughing up stuff from the mouth sores that are in her throat. Her actually mouth is improving a lot. Hopefully the mouth sores are almost completely gone and Hannah can get off of the Morphine pump. I have not talked to the doctor today so MAYBE he will be taking her off another antibiotic today!

ANC is 31 today, it is still improving!

Hannah will have to have platelets again today. All of her other lab work looks fairly good. Today we are going to see if Hannah will do a little physical therapy and occupational therapy to get her back in the swing of things. I think she is feeling better; we will see how she tolerates it all!

Thank you so much for the continuous prayers and believing with us for a complete and total healing of Hannah's body. We know that she will survive and that this crazy disease will disappear.

We are praising God for Hannah being tumor free and for her temperature to be normal! Also, for all the wonderful things he is doing that we can not yet see and all the things that will be done. Thank you Jesus!

We are truly blessed to have all the support and love from everyone; thank you so very much.

Keep the Faith

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