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Written Nov 15, 2008
Today, was an alright day.

Hannah ran only a low grade fever the majority of the day. Then around 4 o'clock this afternoon she spiked a fever of 104.6; the highest fever she has had yet. We gave her a dose of Tylenol and the fever has gradually went down.

Jon and I finally received the results from the EEG today. The 'episodes' Hannah had when she was unresponsive was seizures. If she does not respond to us talking or touching her she is having a seizure, if she responds to us then it is a small low grade seizure. The neurologist thinks these seizures are happening due to the high fevers and the bleeding in her brain. The EEG showed the electricity in her brain to be fine. Hannah will be treated with a new seizure medicine called Keppra for two years. The phenobarbital deactivates chemotherapy so she will be taken off this medication.

I forgot to inform you that Hannah's echocardiagram (ultra sound of her heart) showed nothing except a healthy heart!

Hannah did have another strange situation occur today.

After her fever spiked, we gave her the Tylenol and then changed her diaper, I noticed some drainage from the top of her head. On Hannah's right side of her head where her OLD ommaya reservoir was started to leak cerebral spinal fluid. She was so mad and her fever was so high the old reservoir location filled so full of spinal fluid it would not go back down. I requested the neurosurgeon on call to be paged.

It was the same doctor that we met down in the ER on August 5th. He is the doctor that informed us Hannah had a tumor and would have to have surgery the next morning. He is a man that Jon and I will never forget.

Anyways, we only have two options. Try to put another stitch in her head where it is leaking and hope that fixes the problem or take her in for surgery to drain it out and try to make it stop leaking. We all agreed that we should try the stitch first.
Hannah and I set up in the bed and the doctor put the stitch in her head right in the room. She did not fight us or cry. She just set there like it was nothing. He said that Hannah did better than any adult man he had ever put stitches in.

We have such a brave, strong, incredible little girl!

Hannah's ANC was 0 today. She has no immunity; her immune system is not working and she could catch anything. It is extremely important right now that Hannah is in hibernation. The doctors does not want Hannah to be around anyone except Jon or I everyone else has to stay away until her counts come up.

Jon donated platelets for Hannah yesterday. She needed platelets today and received Jon's! What a wonderful feeling to know that he was able to help her.

Hannah's counts should be on the rise any day now. She has had 5 Neupogen shots. Hopefully they will kick in soon. When Hannah's counts go up, her fever should go away, she can start to get off of all these antibiotics, and we should be able to go home.
As soon as Hannah's counts get up to 1000 and her platelets stay around 100 it will be time for her next monthly chemotherapy.

Thank you for all the prayers, concern, and all of the guest book entries. We appreciate all the support. Hannah is such a fighter and we are so proud of her.
Today Hannah turned 17 months old!

Keep the Faith!

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