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Written Nov 21, 2008
"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."
Isaiah 41:13

Hannah's liver is fine!

The resident surgery doctor who informed us that something was wrong with her liver was mistaken. Hannah's liver is fine, however her liver enzymes (blood test) is slightly elevated but nothing to be alarmed about. If she was running a fever and still throwing up there could be an issue, but this is NOT the case. Her liver enzymes will just be monitored daily.

The resident surgery doctor should have told us that Hannah's colon did not have enough gas stuff in it and her digestive track appeared to be slowing down. This has caused her belly to extend and become rigid.

I spoke with the general surgeon this after noon after Hannah had another abdomen x-ray today. He was informing me about the x-ray results and her colon. I politely asked, WHAT ABOUT HER LIVER? He was clueless what I was talking about. I explained what the resident shared with me and the surgeon deeply apologized!

Needless to say to fix Hannah's problem she needs to stop throwing up and needs to go potty. She has only thrown up 3 times today and she has already went potty this evening! She should be on the mends from this ordeal.

Today, Hannah's ANC was 5,561! I honestly can't remember the last time it was this high! Now her body can finally start to heal. She was taken off of one of her antibiotics today! Hannah is now only on one antibiotic and the finally were able to discontinued the phenobarbital! Hannah did receive a platelet infusion today. The doctor stopped the Neupogen shots since her ANC is elevated; now her platelets should hold their own.

It has been a crazy past few days (past few weeks). Hannah has already been in the hospital for 26 days this time. She is continuing to improve and if all goes well this weekend we may truly be home by Thanksgiving!

Sorry, for the scare about the liver! This is the type of situation our family has been going through since August 5th. I believe we have just decided to buckle up and enjoy the ride as much as possible.
Hannah is blessed to have so many people concerned about her and her health. Thank you for all the prayers for her during this roller coaster ride. We now that God is in control and she will survive!

Praise God for Hannah being tumor free and fever free!

Keep the Faith!

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