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Written Nov 14, 2008
Yesterday, was a difficult day.

Hannah's platelets dropped again. If someone has a high fever the fever eats up the platelets per say! She needed a platelet and blood transfusion yesterday. The platelets never arrived but she did received the needed blood. Since, Hannah did not get the platelets she needed her platelet level dropped more. They are now below the so called thresh hold were she can start bleeding again. Hannah is going to have to have another head CT today to make sure the hemorrhage in her brain has not grown.
It is 8:50, 24 hours after the platelets were ordered, and Hannah is now receiving her platelets!

Hannah is still running a high fever. Yesterday it spiked to 104.2 and then went down after she received a dose of Tordal, to reset her internal temperature gauge. The fever stayed away for awhile. We thought it was gone for good. Then, around 4 am this morning her temperature spiked again up to 104.4! We gave her Tylenol and it has seemed to help. I just pray that these fevers stay away.

Now, for the icing on the cake!
(This is sarcasm might I add!)
Hannah had 3 "episodes" yesterday. She was having what I would say was seizures. The trunk of her body was rocking involuntary and arms and legs moving and her eyes when open were not focusing and rolling around. I requested an EEG, for them to look at the electricity in her brain to see if she is having seizures. Finally, after the third "episode" they knew I was serious and these episodes are not normal. Hannah will be having an EEG this morning in about an hour or so.

Hannah's TPN and lipids have been increased to run 24 hours, so she is getting IV nutrition continuously. She received her 3rd Neupogen shot yesterday and her ANC is in the 80's today! Her mouth sores look like they were improving yesterday but with the low platelets last night her mouth started bleeding again. Hannah's burn on her back is staying about the same but should start to improve soon as her counts increase.

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." Third John 2

Please keep the prayers flowing.

Keep the Faith!

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