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Written Nov 19, 2008
Hannah is officially 48 hours fever free!

Today has been a pretty good day; actually a really good day. As good as a day it can be if you are in the hospital.
Although, early this morning we had a little scare. Hannah's port (in her chest) was not functioning properly this morning around 2 am. The nurses had to access her port twice and put a medicine in it to make it work again.

Hannah did get taken off an antibiotic today. She is down to just two antibiotics and the doctor decreased her phenobarbital again.

ANC is 720 today!

The neupogen shots are doing their job. We were informed today that neupogen shot can decrease platelet counts. Hannah's platelet counts keep decreasing. She received a platelet infusion again today. After Hannah's ANC is over 1000 for two days she will be taken off the neupogen shots and her platelets should start holding their own.

If all goes well the doctor hopes to have Hannah home by Thanksgiving!

"I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done." Psalms 118:17

Keep the Faith!

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