Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soon to be EIGHT!

My eldest child will be turning EIGHT next week.
He is my Thanksgiving baby.
I know all parents say this....but I can't believe he is going to be 8 already!

This past week I have been brain storming ideas for his party.

He wants a duck hunting party!

Not to be confused with the new craze Duck Commander.
We do enjoy that show.
But, he simply likes duck hunting and so does his dad!

They both love love love to blow on their duck calls.
Honestly, it gets annoying after about 5 minutes.
That's when I say, "boys....take it out side," and they usually stop.
but not always.

Planning a duck hunting party is not an easy task.
There is nothing.
I repeat nothing....that I could find besides some cake ideas and a few invitation ideas on the Internet/Pinterest.

Finally, my creativity kicked in and I made a plan with some awesome ideas.
I could not fine the brown/tan duck hunting camouflage for party decor.
But I did find some green subdue camouflage plates and stuff.

I don't think he will notice.
I do know The Man will notice.

I am excited to see how it ALL comes together.
As long as there is cake and ice cream I know Jack Jack will LOVE IT!!!

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