Friday, November 2, 2012

Girls Craft Day

just two weekends away and i will be hosting another Girls Craft Day.
i usually have them in the morning all day long.
i get all the materials and crafts together for the girls.
then, they show up at my house and get their craft on!!!

it is fun crafting all day long but this time i am trying something different.
we are doing a girls craft evening for only 4 hours.
the girls usually bring a finger food or snack.
this time we will also be serving wine (since it will be in the afternoon). 
i am also making the pioneer woman's yummy sangria for an added treat.

we will be doing 4 crafts (in 4 hours) this time.
a glitter silhoutte canvas
a round magnetic board & magnets
mini wood bunting
a pumpkin burlap door hanger

i have almost everything purchased and ready to go.
the more i go upstairs into my studio/craft room and look at the stuff the more excited i get!

i will post pictures of the girls and what all we create afterwards.

for now here is a glimpse inside my studio...which is still a work in progress!

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