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Written Nov 6, 2008

Hannah still has a fever!
Her fever is not going away. It has been three to four days of a continuous fever. The doctor started her on a new antibiotic today that should help with the fever. All of her cultures have still been negative. That means no infection is in her body; but her fever has still yet to break which makes this confusing. We have to treat her as if she does have an infection. Once her fever breaks she will slowly be tapered of her antibiotics to make sure the fever stays away.

Hannah is still having this very thick mucus throw up! She went down for another chest x-ray and abdomen x-ray today and both x-rays were clear! Hannah's ANC has dropped today back down to 21. Her HGB was a low 6.9 so she had to receive a blood transfusion today as well.

We have officially been introduced to mouth sores. I have heard from the older patients and other parents how painful and uncomfortable the mouth sores can be. Hannah is having to take this special mouth wash three times a day to treat the sores. I believe that it is a good thing that Hannah is back on the TPN and lipids for nutrition because with the sores it hurts to bad to eat!

The neurosurgeon came by this afternoon because Hannah has been hitting her head with her hands as if her head was hurting. The oncologist requested a sample of her CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) be sent to the lab for tests to make sure there was no infection in her brain or spine. The neurosurgeon accessed her new chemotherapy reservoir and the sample of CSF was clear. Clear CSF means no infection but it will be sent to the lab for further testing. Hopefully we will have official results tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray for Hannah's counts to elevate and her cultures to remain negative. Also, her mouth sores to disappear and her fever to break.
This chemotherapy regimen is very potent and aggressive and really doing a number on little Hannah. I pray she stays strong and continues to improve as she already has thus far.
Keep the Faith!

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