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11.11.2008 (Special Prayer Request)

Written Nov 11, 2008 


I noticed today that Hannah was acting very lethargic. She slept from 6:30 this morning until around 3:00 or so. I know she is a sick girl but she never sleeps this much. I informed her nurse to talk to the doctor and to come and check Hannah out.

Her old ommaya reservoir appeared to be a little bigger than yesterday. I was concerned and the doctor was as well; she had some blood work done. He called the neurosurgeon, the neurosurgeon came an checked out Hannah and decided we needed a STAT (aka. right now) CT scan of her head.

We received the lab result and the CT scan results. Her electrolyte counts were the same as today, which were pretty decent. However the CT scan showed a small bleed in her brain on her right side where the OLD reservoir was removed. When our neurosurgeon came after the CT to inform us of the results he noticed her left hand twitching a little. Therefor, Hannah was put on Phenobarbital an anti seizure medication.

If Hannah's brain bleed grows it could make her have a seizure so the medication is to help prevent a seizure. Hannah will be on the Phenobarbital for seven days. She will have another CT scan in the morning and she should have one daily to monitor the bleed.

Since, Hannah has NOT had a brain injury the doctors think the brain bleed is due to her platelet count getting too low and her body not being able to maintain the platelets.

**Today Hannah's ANC was down to 15 and her platelets were down to 26. She is supposed to be getting a platelet infusion this afternoon and we are still waiting.
Hannah did get a Neupogen shot today. This shot is to help her counts increase. Maybe if her counts are higher her body can start maintaining her platelets and her lab levels will become normal.

We need prayer! Pray for the bleed in Hannah's brain to vanish, pray for her body to be complete and totally healed of this crazy mess. Don't forget the mouth sores and the burn on her back. They have not improved either.

Keep the Faith!

I will post more after we get the results to the CT scan tomorrow morning!

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