Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Written Nov 5, 2008


The bone scan results were clear. It did not detect anything in her bone. I asked Hannah's neurosurgeon why the MRI showed something then. Well, it could be because the radiation treatment Hannah received is still working within her bone, it could be a bearer that was placed in case the tumor regrew it would not compress her spine again, or it could be scaring on/in her bone for her back surgeries!
Needless to say, Hannah is fine her bones are healthy we have nothing to worry about.
Thank you Jesus!

However, Hannah has been running a fever on and off for the past three days. Her fever has not broke for over 24 hours. If it does not go away by tomorrow the doctors are going to tap her chemotherapy reservoir and get a sample of cerebral spinal fluid to test for infection. All of her blood cultures she has had drawn are still negative with no growth; which is awesome!
I feel this temperature is her body trying to fight and get healthy again after all the potent chemotherapy she received but we can not assume anything. Therefor we have to treat her has if she has an infection.

Hannah did walk with Jenny from physical therapy today she walked down the hall twice; 35 feet the first time and 40 feet the second. Her muscles are getting stronger. She just needs her right leg to wake up.
Today, I asked Hannah to kick my hand with her left foot. She did very well and raised her leg above my hand. Then I asked her to kick my hand with her right foot. She started moving her toes and she was trying so hard. Her leg was not moving so she used her hands and picked up her leg to make it kick my hand. She is too cute!

Hannah ANC went up from 13 yesterday to 44 today!
Yea! Yea! Yea! I think it is on the rise.

Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers for Hannah. We appreciate your love and support. Feel free to sign Hannah's guest book anytime. We enjoy reading all the comments, support, an inspiration it really is encouraging and helps us to stay strong.

Keep the Faith and pray for Hannah's fever to go away!

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