Saturday, November 2, 2013


Written Nov 2, 2008

Hannah is still in the hospital!
I am unsure when she will be discharged. She is still on an IV antibiotic and her ANC has dropped down today to 25. Hannah's blood count is 7.7, therefor she is getting a blood transfusion. She did not run a temperature all day yesterday or today or last night. This is a good thing. Maybe she can get of the antibiotic soon.

Hannah is starting to want to eat. She is also keeping it down which is really good. Her potassium is increasing. She is taking these potassium pills that we are putting in her yogurt and apple sauce.

She is doing well and staying strong. I will talk to Hannah's doctor Monday morning and figure out what the game plan is. I am sure that she will have to be off the antibiotics and her ANC will have to be over 200 before there is any thoughts about her being discharged. We will wait and see.

Keep the prayers coming!
Thank you so much!

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