Saturday, October 20, 2012

a new "leaf"

today it finally hit me...fall has arrived. i now have pumpkins in the house and Halloween decorations up. i truly love this time of year; the trees changing, cooler air and the smell of football in the air.

i have been pondering on what to do with this blog.
originally i wanted this blog to showcase my crafty creations.
never once did i think about pouring more of me into it.
but... i love change (within reason) and therefor as a new "leaf" i am changing. i will be trying this whole blog thing out.
so for now on you can read more about me, my crafty creations, and maybe a few of my favorite recipes.

i think every blog post needs at least one picture so i will leave you with this picture my almost 8 year old took today while we were driving by the UofA!

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